First up, sticking things I found pretty on paper and exploring them. Then getting distracted by a bird I saw as I was making vectored birds for pattern design (perhaps more on that later). Also a bit on combining the Southbank centre line style I liked with Audrey Walkers stitching technique combined further by exploring stitching on paper…. I’m liking how much I’ve learned already – I’m pretty sure thats a big part of this learning process right there!

Can you guess which exhibition I went to?

This is a bit of a combination of the colour theory technique application I read about in Colour Index 2 (see my review: Book Thoughts – Color Index 2 by Jim Krause) and seeing Lichtenstein apply that technique! Lichtensteing does not use the right colour for the lady’s skin but he does use the right value which is why our brain doesn’t scream ‘its wrong’ at us.

I’m really pleased with this page. I saw ‘Sunrise’ 1965 and could not figure out during the exhibition itself how he managed to make the layers ‘pop out’  – at first I genuinely thought the clouds/mountains were on a separate layers of clear acrylic in front of the rest. So I bought the postcard to explore later. I thin figured out the extra thick lines at the bottom in comparison with the thinner lines at the top trick the eye into seeing it as perspective. So I tried it on my bird from 3 pages up / / /. In combo with some   desaturated benday dots and more of my Finland tree obsession in the background with even thinner lines (desaturation is also a perspective trick I’ve read about in ‘the artist’ magazine) I think it was very successful in making the bird look like it is projected upwards from the paper. I’m also please that this uses just 4 colours so it could be a very successful way of doing fabric pattern design doesn’t necessarily have to be photo-style printed.

I bought postcards of the images I loved the best so that I could explore them and figure out why I love them so much,

I then tried to explore them by either imitating the style or exploring the technique.

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