I’ve decided to create this blog to show off my craftings to the Internet Craft Blog surfers out there. In ‘real’ life I don’t usually show off my crafts as my hobbies aren’t shared by many of my peers. However, I know there are plenty of brilliant people out there just like me and who might share in my happiness at little things like seeing prettiness in something ‘ugly’, or the big things like finishing a project that has been years in the completing…

I’m going to write out my ‘rules’ – these are my reminders and an explanation to readers of the philosophy I try to stick by…

1) Never work to a deadline unless others require it (i.e. Round Robins, exchanges etc). This includes gifts as the recipient doesn’t even know you are making it for them – you can always get something different and complete it for next time!
2) Do not oversubscribe to anything that requires working to a deadline.
3) Never worry that your ‘stash’ is too big.
4) Never worry that your ‘stash’ is too small.
5) If you don’t feel like creating anything, or posting on the blog, don’t. Never start a post with ‘I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long’. Even if it has been a year, breeze on in with what you want to say.
6) Try to be original and design things yourself – try not to use a pre-coordinated pack of papers and embellishments or create a pre-designed card. That is more ‘assembling’ than creating! It is OK to be inspired by others though!
7) Share ideas and encourage others.
8) Never worry that your work ‘isn’t good enough’ or that others might not like it.
9) If you think something you’ve just created is rubbish, acknowledge the lessons or skills learnt!
10) If someone praises you, believe them and say thank you nicely!
11) Don’t worry about piles of unfinished items or ‘works in progress’ they can sit till you are ready – you have a lifetime to pick them up (or your descendants can)!

I have been a ‘crafts’ person as long as I can remember, I’ve tried a lot of things but the things I return to over and again are:
embroidery and cross stitch, sewing clothes and soft furnishings, scrapbooking, pixel art, beadcrafts and jewellery making, photography, drawing/doodling

That’s all for the first post, I’ll return soon with what I have been up to recently!

Kim Debling is a Hampshire, UK based designer and Director of her own company Kestrel Design Ltd. She is mum to Rose and Harvey and wife to her best friend Steve. ¬†She’s fighting off Stage 4 Lymphoma and sharing her story along the way, mainly via YouTube. Kim is passionate about being happy, mental wellbeing and in particular art and creative pursuits as therapy during tough times. She teaches online at Udemy, has published books and has art and printables available for sale.

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