SketchUp & Twilight


This book was created as a companion workbook for Kimberly-Ann Debling’s online course of the same title. The book functions as a standalone workbook without the course, but if you’d like to take a look at the course please visit: SketchUp & Twilight for Interior Designers on Udemy.


Start each SketchUp project with a ready-made feature-rich template file, which allows you to switch quickly between 2d and 3d views specially organised for Interior Designers


Turn on and off specific parts of your models, whether it be Architectural details such as ‘furniture’ or conceptual details such as ‘existing architecture

Add specialist materials such as reflecting mirrors, textured surfaces with a bump map and surfaces which emit light

Use Twilight Render with confidence to produce photorealistic renders

Whats inside?

Many beginner users of SketchUp don’t realise how easy it is to view your model in 2d whether from above (plan), from a side (elevation), or with a cut-away (section).

Some model parts won’t look right even when we do set up a 2d view, but the book (and course) shows you how to make your model work in 2d and 3d without duplicating objects, models or files.

2d and 3d views in SketchUp for Interior Design
Show new and existing parts of a SketchUp model design

Set up different views accessible with just one click. Everyday design view, ‘existing’ versus ‘proposed’ design view, lines-only view, face orientation view.

Using Twilight Render with SketchUp opens up wonderful new realistic modelling which includes reflective surfaces, lighting and realistic materials.

Creating a light and reflective materials like mirrors in SketchUp with Twilight
Create realistic pictures from SketchUp

With the book and/or course you can set up your model to be perfectly organised, render photorealistic images like a pro, and produce all your required plans, elevations and sections from a single model with the minimum of fuss.

You can purchase the book on the Europe and USA Amazon sites at the links below.


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