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Newspaper Articles

We've had article written about our story and it's been published in The Sun, The Mail Online and Metro. I think it reads quite well apart from all three papers seem to think I've made the decision to deliberately not bond with my children - what nonsense!...

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#ACEOApril 2018 – Finished! Playlist Here

Throughout April I participated in #ACEOApril which was started by Claire of Blacksummer Colouring on youTube - in fact I even created a quick page to share the logo image because at the time Claire hadn't got a website. Go see the #ACEOApril page for details....

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The Guilt Trip

It’s official. I’m doing a BIG ask. For every one of you who has asked how they could help us, for every one of you who has let us know they wished they could do more... often the answer is that you can’t but we appreciate your thoughts. But actually there’s now...

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We’re featured on the Mail Online!

We’re featured on the Mail Online here: Adorable moment toddler breaks into tears after seeing her daddy without his beard for the first time You can watch the original YouTube video here: Toddler Reaction Video Daddy’s...

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Sketchbook Flipthrough

Another sketchbook flipthrough from Instagram posts. If you want to see my sketchbook pages in PDF format you can do so as a Patron on Patreon! Sometimes its nice just to browse through others' sketchbooks. I know I love it! I like to watch sketchbook tours on youTube...

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Life’s too short and time is too precious to run multiple channels for all my interests!

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New Art Videos on YouTube

I'm rebranding my YouTube video slightly to reflect who I am as a person day-to-day. That means that when I have my little obsessions I don't mind if my channel suddenly goes a little 'off topic'. Here's the reason why: Life's too short and time is too precious to run...

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New Cancer Update Videos

I've uploaded a few cancer update videos to YouTube recently - here are the links... Feeling better, despite appearances! Cancer Update Unexpected hospital stay - Cancer update PICC Insertion - Cancer update Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Operation...

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Kim Debling

Hi I’m Kim,

Kim DI love design, crafts, food, a lot of geeky stuff and trying to make myself a better person. I used to have a few random blogs but decided a while ago to bundle them all together so this site is a mish-mash of everything that I do and love. Just below this section, you can see my social media links, my mailing list sign up, and some of my projects. I hope something on my website interests you!

You may have come over to my site due to my recent ‘dramas’ – I was diagnosed with stage 1 of a rare type of cancer called Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) which is more prevalent in 50-60-year-old men, and more prevalent still in black men! This all happened when I was 28 weeks pregnant. After my daughter was born and being convinced that my cancer was completely containable and treatable I got pregnant again. Unfortunately at 16 weeks I was told my cancer had spread to become stage 4. My prognosis is not good now unless I can have a stem cell transplant.

My life is actually one of real joy and happiness despite my cancer diagnosis – in fact I believe it has been a trigger to focus me in a really positive way. My children are my life, my husband is the best man in the world, my life itself is wonderful. I now love to consider how to help others see the happiness that is inherent in life and so I have a lot of passion for mental wellbeing, creative therapy and philosophic thought about life, death and everything that comes in between.

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How would you like the inner #teamdebling gossip, regular downloadables, printables, art, sneak peeks and even surprises through the post? Become my patreon and not only do you get these things depending on your tier but you’re supporting me in the best possible way.


My YouTube Channel is a mix of videos about living with cancer, art, art as therapy, family, life, crafts and anything else that randomly interests me! I post fairly regularly so come hang out with me, subscribe and chat in comments.


RedBubble prints stuff on stuff! My artwork has been uploaded and you can purchase it printed on clothing, homewares, stationary, canvases, cards, stickers, bedding and more.


Etsy is where you’ll find affordable printable downloadables such as diary inserts, menu planners, diet trackers, printable art, printable scrapbooking papers, invitations, gift vouchers and more.

Kestrel Design

Kestrel Design Ltd is my company website! Kestrel asa company does website design and hosting, packaging design, branding, interiors and whatever else you need for your business. Specialising in small company set up to allow newly established entrepreneurs concentrate on releasing their skills into the world.

Udemy Instructor Page

Below you’ll find info on specific courses but this link will take you directly to my instructor page on Udemy. Udemy is a website which makes it easy for both instructors to teach their subjects and students to take courses on their favourite subjects. You can learn anything via the Internet but Udemy courses are a great way to learn a more complex subject quickly and succinctly.


Kim Debling ‘public’ page on Facebook.


I’m relatively new to Twitch but Twitch is the live-streaming site I’ve set up on alongside YouTube. You can subscribe to my channel for a fee which I receive or simply ‘follow’ for free. Twitch has a companion app to notify you when I go live and you can chat within the app.

Mindfulness Mandalas

Mindfulness Mandalas is my Adult Colouring Book and the first book I ever published through self-publishing. It features a small (easily finish-able) number of pages each with a mandala and a mindfulness quote. This link goes to a blog page to explain more and gives the separate links for different countries.

SketchUp for Interior Designers

SketchUp and Twilight for Interior Designers is the companion workbook for the course of the same name on Udemy. It is completely useable as a standalone book and is the 2nd book I published through self publishing.


Instagram is probably my most frequent social media hangout. Catch my stories, featured posts and occasional livestream. I’ll often post sketchbook flip through videos in amongst my day to day life, video and post notices and pictures of the kids.


Pinterest is a site where you can collect images from the Internet and arrange them into boards. The Kim Debling account has been going since you had to be invited, consequently it is pretty bulky!

SketchUp Course

SketchUp & Twilight for Interior Designers teaches students how to set up and use a powerful workflow for their SketchUp models allowing them to view and manipulate their model in the standard industry 2d views, 2d views with notations for tradesmen, 3d views and realistic 3d renders.

Blender Course

Blender for Graphic Designers teaches packaging designers the basics of Blender so that they can produce a box with label design in 3d realistic render. Also it teaches three specialist finishes – transparency, metallic foiling and embossing.

The Memory Course

The Memory Course was my first Udemy course and teaches the Method of Loci (also known as the memory palace method) of memory technique. It then demonstrates to students how to use the new skill by helping them to memorise Asias countries and capitals in alphabetical order.

Home Entrepreneur Course

As a business owner that works from the comfort of her own home I felt it was important to pass on the knowledge I’ve built in the form of this course which teaches 5 realistic ways of making money from home. Its a short easily digestible course which I hope is inspiring for potential new business owners.


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An easy way to transfer funds to me either in payment for something or also if you fancy donating spontaneously! PayPal Donate pages are a great way to easily allow friends, family and strangers to send you money because they use simple design and the PayPal system. Similar to buymeacoffeebut without the gimmick!


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Buy Me a Coffee is an Internet tipping site with the gimmick that you are ‘buying’ a coffee for your chosen recipient. It might be as thanks for something that person has done or just because you fancy donating some funds. You can donate anonymously or leave message.

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