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As part of my art journey I’ve begun to make zines. Zines are self published booklets, or magazines that focus on one small subject, often obscure. I’ve been obsessing over art zines because artists often publish their preliminary work and sketches within their zines or create zines with artwork all around one subject. I love to see peoples obsessions, how they work with them and around them and how they bring them to life. Whilst creating my first zine I spent a long time looking for particular fonts. I decided to write this blog post to help others in case they were also looking for free typewriter fonts.

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Free Typewriting Fonts

In my last post about free fonts for your zines, I split the fonts into groups because they had quite distinct styles. For this post though I’ve put them all into one image – you can compare and contrast them here (links below):

The best free typewriter fonts for zines

And here are the links:

Mom’s Typewriter
Veteran Typewriter
Silk Remington
Old Newspaper Types
Stampwriter Kit

I hope you liked seeing some free typewriter fonts put together for you to easily find one that works for you! Which is your favourite? Have you used one in your own work, or even in your own zine? I’d love to know so please leave a comment xx

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