I’ve participated in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search for 3 years now – 2018, 2016 and 2015. There was no 2017 one for some reason? Its a contest that you pay for, kudos to Lilla for being an amazing business-woman, she must certainly be raking in the dollar signs! I participate because I want to force myself to do a ‘finished’ illustration, I want to practice ‘real’ projects and I want to add to my portfolio (what portfolio – note, must make portfolio)!

The contest consists of several stages, I’ve never been past the first stage but with 3000+ participants I’m not upset about that! My entry this year is below. The stipulations were: Gardener’s Journal, with lettering, Japanese Anemones (ahem, anemones are my favourite flower), staghorn ferns and the colour greige.

I loved this gardener’s quote I found and just went to town experimenting with different lettering styles (I take the opportunity to play just as much as I do to design… perhaps this mixed lettering wasn’t the best choice for a real project but it was fun for me to do).

I added a ‘sale’ tag that would slip on the corner of the book so that I could show a face illustration – characters, figures and faces help show you have that ability.

The staghorn ferns were added as a background pattern along with a watercolour effect and you guessed it – doodle time for the anemones. My ‘style’ is represented here I feel because I always want to have:

  • black and white in contrast
  • doodle details, preferably where the doodles make up the shading of an illustration as opposed to simple cell-shading, blended shading or some form of cross-hatching
  • loose watercolour backgrounds

Gardeners Handbook Global Talent Search Lilla Rogers

And just to take a trip down memory lane, here are

my entries from previous years:





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