When you attempt a Slimming World SP day or days, you need to have a PLAN with a capital ‘SP PLAN’! I spend a long time planning my normal extra easy weeks, so I knew I needed to spend even longer figuring out Slimming World SP.

What the heck is Slimming World SP?

Slimming World SP is a way to ‘supercharge’ your weight loss. You can find the details on page 56 of your food optimizing book (the one where your weight gets logged). The ‘S’ stands for your Speed Foods and the P stands for Protein-rich foods. You shouldn’t really try SP until you’ve got your head around the Slimming World system, so you should know what S and P foods are already, and you should know that S foods are your key to good weight loss weeks.

How do I do Slimming World SP?

Step 1 is to plan your meals to get plenty of free Speed foods and Protein-rich foods. Make sure that at least half of what you eat is a free Speed food. You’ll need to get your book out again to check what your favorite Speed and Protein-rich foods are.

Step 2 is to choose your Healthy Extras but you get an extra Healthy Extra B choice. So that’s TWO healthy extra Bs and one Healthy Extra A. Please please make sure you add your healthy extras. The extra B choices will help you to stay ‘regular’, so if you don’t eat them you may start to get a little ‘blocked up’ and might actually gain weight!

Step 3 is to have your usual 5-15 Syns (or more if you’re lucky enough to qualify for more Syns)!

My Slimming World SP Week

I planned and completed a full week on SP (I wouldn’t recommend doing more than a week). I lost FOUR pounds and finally got my 2 stone award as well as Slimmer-of-the-Week! I’d not do more than a week because one of the joys of Slimming World is that it is easy to stick to and feels like a very ‘normal’ diet. SP starts to feel very restrictive and if you aren’t careful it can cause you to slide off the wagon completely.

Slimming World SP Breakfast Ideas

Because you get another Healthy Extra B on SP, you can incorporate that into breakfast. Cereal, Oats, Baked Oats, Overnight Oats or anything-on-toast are good options. If you wish to save your Extra B choice then fruit and yogurt is an easy option! Edit: Thanks Lindsey for pointing out that yogurt isn’t SP friendly! Try sweetened quark instead – it’s lovely and creamy. Don’t try plain quark, its horrible!
Slimming World SP Breakfast Ideas  Slimming World SP Oats Breakfast Ideas  Slimming World SP Overnight Oats Breakfast Ideas

Slimming World SP Lunch Ideas

Eggs were my savior for lunches! I had salads with meat and eggs, scrambled egg ‘picnic’ and Slimming World Crustless Quiche. You can opt to use your extra Healthy Extra B at lunch with wholemeal rolls, toast, Ryvita or pitta bread. And of course, you can opt to eat any leftovers from dinners!

Slimming World SP Lunch Ideas  Slimming World SP Salad Lunch Ideas

Slimming World SP Dinner Ideas

If you use a healthy Extra B at dinner you can hardly notice the lack of ‘free’ carbs. Instead of pasta, rice or potatoes just use your Bread options. I had fajitas inside pittas and Slimming World burgers on wholemeal rolls. If you’ve saved your Healthy Extra A you can have pizza topped chicken or cauliflower-base pizza or even Meatzza (pizza on a meat-burger base)! Failing that you can still have regular meals but without your carbs – I had Lamb saag, beef and butternut squash stir fry and meatballs without their associated carbohydrates.
Slimming World SP Burgers and Slaw Dinner Ideas  Slimming World SP Fajitas Dinner Ideas  Slimming World SP Beef and Butternut Squash Stir Fry Dinner Ideas

Save your Syns

Keep your Syns and use them for when your weakest moments are. I know I tend to crave some sort of ‘pudding’ so I saved my Syns for the evening – after dinner, I was able to tuck into a mini bottle of wine, or a ripple or any other combination of Syns. It made me feel like I was getting in that little bit of luxury and stopped me reaching for something I shouldn’t.

Grab my Slimming World SP Plan!!

I typed up everything for my week – menu plan, recipes, and shopping list. I also added a list of ingredients that are not on the shopping list because I assume they are in the cupboard. So now I can share my plan with anyone who fancies giving SP a try without the hassle!

The menu assumes you are cooking dinners for 2 very hungry people (we usually share the standard 4-person recipes between the two of us with the occasional pot of leftovers) and that the non-slimming person is eating different options at breakfast and lunch. So please adjust amounts accordingly.

You’ll need to write in the breakfast, lunch and snack options for your partner/kids and add any ingredients they need to your shopping list.

For all 10 pages, right-click the image below and choose to download the linked file.

Slimming World SP Menu Plan Recipes and Shopping ListOr you can use this link: My SP Menu Plan Recipes and Shopping List.

Did you like my plan?

If you liked my plan why not let me know in the comments below – it’ll make me blush! Or spread the word by sharing this article with your Slimming World friends.

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Slimming World Diary Slimming World Diary

Slimming World Diary Slimming World Diary

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