So I’ve hit a rut. 
If you are kind enough to subscribe/follow/link from the OCA textiles blogroll/stumble upon my blog regularly then you might be thinking ‘what the heck’ there are loads of posts dating months back that I haven’t seen…?
Thats because blogger allows you to backdate posts and I’d rather present my learning blog in the timescales sketches/work/visits happened. I’ve also let the updating mount up until it became a bit of an elephant in the room.
Two other sticking points
1: I dislike French Knots. The stitch itself I have become more proficient at and more appreciative of. I have however come to the conclusion that when working french knots in large quantities they are a phenomenal waste of time and I do not have the patience to be dealing with them. I have been working on that “sample based on imagery” at the end of Stage 6 for about a month. Because I get bored of it and always have something more pressing or exciting to do
2: As well as my main job I ‘moonlight’ as a design company. I will hopefully add textile based design in amongst the other types of design I do, including websites, applications, interiors,products and bespoke design for companies needing anything and everything. But right now I’m working on quite a large contract that will double my ‘main job’ payslip for a good few months. Thats a large chunk towards the elusive house deposit… so as ever poor textiles takes a back seat.
I’ve still been sketching many many times a day, but they are not really related to textiles as the little note at the bottom of this sketchbook page shows – I’m kind of admonishing myself here!
I can reveal that I finished the french knot sample based on imagery (whilst at work) about a week ago.
I have caught up with my blog posts.
I know what I’m going to be looking at for my research point.
I am re-inspired after looking at all my work.
I have not done any of the following that I should be doing at this point:
  • Note down colour combinations that seem to have a special energy for you: use any medium available i.e. paint, crayons, coloured papers, fabrics and yarns*
  • Record your colour responses to changing moods and feelings
  • Add to your collection of resource material with focus on colour
  • Put combinations together i.e. yarns/fabrics/coloured papers
  • Try out your colour media for use on textiles (though I have researched and gathered them at least)

*With a small amount of humility I will say however that I do regularly ‘pin’ images that appeal to me in terms of colour and they are on my ‘Colour‘ board. When I look at this board as a whole I feel tranquil, calm, amazed, inspired, blissfully happy, almost aroused – is that safe to say?! Does anyone else feel that when they look at the colour combos they love?! 
And is it OK that I’m using a modern, technical, online way of recording my notes rather than traditional paper and glue? Is it too fast? Does that mean I don’t have the required time to absorb each image, to process it, to learn from it? Yes and no!

Kim Debling is a Hampshire, UK based designer and Director of her own company Kestrel Design Ltd. She is mum to Rose and Harvey and wife to her best friend Steve. ¬†She’s fighting off Stage 4 Lymphoma and sharing her story along the way, mainly via YouTube. Kim is passionate about being happy, mental wellbeing and in particular art and creative pursuits as therapy during tough times. She teaches online at Udemy, has published books and has art and printables available for sale.

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