Firstly, I did some freehand machine embroidery – lots of fun! I took some inspiration from some of project 1s exercises. Its really hard to go in straight lines so I think the best way is to embrace the sketchy nature of machine embroidery – the circles and the scribbly shading example look the best. I ended with a little test adjusting the tension but couldn’t seem to find much difference in the three rows – perhaps something to look at further.
This last sample took me a few days! I started out with light  blue stranded cotton in different directions, I’ve then branched out to try different colours, silk, perle cotton, cotton blends, wool, sewing thread and chenille. I also introduced different directions in the satin stitch and made sure I had a diamond shape and chevrons. Towards the bottom I did a few small samples of different stitches. I made notes in my sketchbook referencing various aspects.

I always work my samples onto 6×4 inch sized rectangles, its something I decided a few years ago after becoming obsessed with Sharon Bs blog and her never-ending band sampler. I love all the random experiments being tied together with one uniform shape. But I can’t help but feel my recent obsession with slate and rain has crept into this sample!

Kim Debling is a Hampshire, UK based designer and Director of her own company Kestrel Design Ltd. She is mum to Rose and Harvey and wife to her best friend Steve. ¬†She’s fighting off Stage 4 Lymphoma and sharing her story along the way, mainly via YouTube. Kim is passionate about being happy, mental wellbeing and in particular art and creative pursuits as therapy during tough times. She teaches online at Udemy, has published books and has art and printables available for sale.

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