Blimey I got stuck on this exercise! It seemed so much to do! The thing I felt most confident on (collage) I left till last then got a massive block and didn’t finish for a long time. I know that the possibilities of each of these methods are endless and want to show a ‘decent’ cross section but also start/concentrate on the basics. I also wasn’t massively impressed with the results – many of my pages look very pre-school which turned me off the exercise a lot!
 Fixative transfer didn’t work for any of my magazines but did work for gardening seed catalogues. I found that rubbing over them with a pen worked better than pencil or crayon

Bleach didn’t work on some of my papers and fabrics (nylon lace, bright felt and polyester were unaffected) it worked best on the bright red tissue that came with my OCA folder
Spraying acrylic mixed with water with stencils and with just the spray bottle
Stippling and sponging with stencils with acrylic

Rubbing away and combing with gouache

Block printing with bottle tops, corks, fingers, stamps, foam stamps, comb etc

Crayon rubbings and wax resist

 I liked some of the effects and know how I might use them in the future – actually DOING some of the techniques opens up further uses – a very valid exercise even if I didn’t like the results as much as I could hope! This has been quite a long time in the making, I hope I don’t get as ‘stuck’ on future exercises.

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