I really enjoyed this book. It is set out quite logically into Inspiration, Surfaces, Design, Colour & Stitch. I felt that the Stitch, Colour and Design sections were a little perfunctionary but the Surface section was full of actual how-to tips as well as lots and lots of eye candy and the Inspiration section prompted me to take notes in my sketchbook.

Like the last book review Sandra Meech did use a lot of her own work in the book but I felt like it was more to illustrate a point rather than self congratulation! Her work is beautiful but not necessarily my style (though I haven’t quite got that nailed down yet…!) She uses lots of pictures transferred to fabric and is clearly inspired most by her travels. I like her more abstract work best, one piece called Spring Thaw had me staring for ages – first at the overall then into smaller and smaller detail. I love her quilting lines.

Spring Thaw
Colourwash-style quilt by Sandra Meech
photographic images and dyed, printed and commercial cotton

There are a few ‘exercises’ inside that actually make me want to do them, involving colour matching, magazine weaving and pattern repeating.

I get the feeling that this book could easily have been a tome and I wish it was! There are loads of images and its full of real eye candy. I’m sure I’ll be dipping into it during the rest of my course.

Kim Debling is a Hampshire, UK based designer and Director of her own company Kestrel Design Ltd. She is mum to Rose and Harvey and wife to her best friend Steve.  She’s fighting off Stage 4 Lymphoma and sharing her story along the way, mainly via YouTube. Kim is passionate about being happy, mental wellbeing and in particular art and creative pursuits as therapy during tough times. She teaches online at Udemy, has published books and has art and printables available for sale.

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