I took a lot of photos in Isabella Plantation yesterday – many of which I can now tick off against the category list. I need to take photographs for the same category but under ‘man made’.

Overlapping grasses creating lines
‘puckering’ – the hostas look like they’re quilted!
Overlapping leaaves
Beautiful bark
Delicate papery flowers
light and shade

Shadows cast by other plants

Sun shining through the leaves

I was especially lucky with the reflections as it was such a sunny day

looking up
I love these photos – they remind me of collapsing on the side of a road during a run or bike ride and taking a breather under a tree.

looking down
I like the circles made by the cutting interspersed with tiny green shoots

Well trodden gravel
looking through
Ornamental duck – beautiful colours

Looking through plants
looking into the distance

A few people doing just that:
And some gorgeous colours
variegated greens

different pinks

grouping of objects
clusters of Azaleas and (I think) Geraniums

other close up clusters

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