I was really excited to start properly ‘working’. I did have a moment of fear as I held my pencil over the first blank space though! I enjoyed the exercise though I think my marks might be very simplistic. I haven’t got a huge array of different types of marks – but perhaps that is because I was trying hard to feel the ‘mood’ I was supposed to be conveying!
Fast and Slow

Sharp and Delicate
Hard and Soft

Bumpy, Smooth and Sensuous

Sad and Happy

I’ve actually learned a lot in this exercise! I’ve developed ways to not smudge my work, I’ve worked out how to ‘fix’ my work once its done, I’ve learned the pencil classifications: 

9H 8H 7H 6H 5H 4H 3H 2H H F HB B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B
Hardest Medium Softest

and I’ve noticed simple things like how ‘happy’ and ‘fast’ make me want to do slanting ‘forward’ marks bottom left to top right and the reverse is true for ‘slow’ and ‘sad’. 

Kim Debling is a Hampshire, UK based designer and Director of her own company Kestrel Design Ltd. She is mum to Rose and Harvey and wife to her best friend Steve.  She’s fighting off Stage 4 Lymphoma and sharing her story along the way, mainly via YouTube. Kim is passionate about being happy, mental wellbeing and in particular art and creative pursuits as therapy during tough times. She teaches online at Udemy, has published books and has art and printables available for sale.

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