Kimberly-Ann Debling

Kimberly-Ann Debling

Hi I’m Kim,

I love design, crafts, food, a lot of geeky stuff and trying to make myself a better person. I used to have a few random blogs but decided a while ago to bundle them all together so this site is a mish-mash of everything that I do and love. Just below this intro, you can see some of my projects; keep scrolling down for my most recent blog posts, or select from the menu if you’re interested in one particular subject’s posts!

You may have come over to my site due to my recent ‘dramas’ – I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) which is more prevalent in 50-60-year-old men, and more prevalent still in black men! This all happened when I was 28 weeks pregnant. Since then I’ve tried to do a lot more in terms of helping overcome stress and anxiety, as well as trying to make my business healthy and self-running in order to help my family should my treatments not work out!

My Online Courses

Blender for Graphic Designers (NEW)


Make Money at Home


The Memory Course


Each link opens up the course description with a discount automatically applied! You can also get to my courses via my Udemy Instructor Page.

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My Etsy shop is full of printables – art, DIY stuff, planner inserts, patterns and more!


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Kestrel Design

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My Adult Colouring Book:

Mindfulness Mandalas on 


Mindfulness Mandalas on



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Video – Cancer Treatment

Video – Cancer Treatment

A video following me as I drive to the hospital and receive my UVB light treatment for cancer. Learn more about my cancer in the video of my Some Bad News post. This treatment applies a specific section of the spectrum of light to my skin. Even though you’re not...

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