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Hi I’m Kim,

Kim D I love design, crafts, food, a lot of geeky stuff and trying to make myself a better person. I used to have a few random blogs but decided a while ago to bundle them all together so this site is a mish-mash of everything that I do and love. Just below this intro, you can see my social media links, my mailing list sign up, my blog posts and at the bottom of the page some of my projects. Hope something on my website interests you!

You may have come over to my site due to my recent ‘dramas’ – I was diagnosed with stage 1 of a rare type of cancer called Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) which is more prevalent in 50-60-year-old men, and more prevalent still in black men! This all happened when I was 28 weeks pregnant. After my daughter was born and being convinced that my cancer was completely containable and treatable I got pregnant again. Unfortunately at 16 weeks I was told my cancer had spread to become stage 4. My prognosis is not good now unless I can have a stem cell transplant.

My life is actually one of real joy and happiness despite my cancer diagnosis – in fact I believe it has been a trigger to focus me in a really positive way. My children are my life, my husband is the best man in the world, my life itself is wonderful. I now love to consider how to help others see the happiness that is inherent in life and so I have a lot of passion for mental wellbeing, creative therapy and philosophic thought about life, death and everything that comes in between.

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We’re featured on the Mail Online!

We’re featured on the Mail Online here: Adorable moment toddler breaks into tears after seeing her daddy without his beard for the first time You can watch the original YouTube video here: Toddler Reaction Video Daddy’s...

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New Art Videos on YouTube

I’m rebranding my YouTube video slightly to reflect who I am as a person day-to-day. That means that when I have my little obsessions I don’t mind if my channel suddenly goes a little ‘off topic’. Life’s to short to care really! So right...

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New Cancer Update Videos

I’ve uploaded a few cancer update videos to YouTube recently – here are the links… Feeling better, despite appearances! Cancer Update Unexpected hospital stay – Cancer update PICC Insertion – Cancer update Peripherally Inserted Central...

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Vlogmas Videos 21-25

I’m doing Vlogmas this year. Here are videos 21-25 including lots of family vlogging and a cancer update. If I have time I think I’d like to expand more on some of the subjects of these vlogs in future blog posts… If I have time…!    ...

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Vlogmas Videos 16-20

I’m doing Vlogmas this year. Here are videos 16-20. We have A nursery tour, a sketchbook tour, scans, musings, DIY and family fun.      ...

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Vlogmas Videos 11-15

I’m doing Vlogmas this year. Here are videos 11-15. We have The bedroom and entranceway tour, cancer updates, plus family fun and DIY.      ...

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Vlogmas Videos 6-10

I’m doing Vlogmas this year. Here are videos 6-10. We have Christmas decorating, PET and MRI scans and a sketchbook tour!      ...

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